KOALA presents at IDC'2022

On 27-30 June, Tiffany and Jun attended the IDC'2022 in Braga, Portugal.

Tiffany presented two workshop papers on 27 June: one on "What They Say and What They Do: The Need to Unpack the Datafication Practices in Children’s Recommendations" at KidRec'22, and one on "Ethical Considerations on Positioning the Normative Stance when working with Children" at "Ethical Considerations of Distributed Participatory Design with Children".

On 29 June, Jun presented our paper on "KOALA Hero: Inform Children of Privacy Risks of Mobile Apps", which presented our co-design process of the KOALA Hero app development, and how to have updated our app design by also drawing on critical digital literacy theories, to enhance children’s cognitive, situated and critical thinking of datafication and online data privacy risks.