Driven by empirical evidence we collected through interactions with children aged between 6 and 10 and the theories of knowledge scaffolding, the KOALA team has developed a stack of story cards that can be used by parents and teachers to discuss privacy risks with children, and an Android Mobile App prototype, that can be installed on families' Android tablets and used to facilitate a more informed choice of mobile apps/games for children.

  • The story card can be downloaded from our website and used free of charge under the Creative Common license.
  • The mobile app is still under development, with further field trials to be rolled down in the very near future.
  • We have also created a short anime video to help to talk about data privacy with children, as part of our participation in the Oxford Idea Festival 2018.

Data Privacy for Children - A Short Video

Schools and families are always welcome to get in touch with us for feedback and further questions.