Vision of KOALA

Tablet computers are becoming the primary means for young children to go online. However, few studies have examined how young children under 11 perceive and cope with personal data privacy during their interactions with these mobile technologies.

KOALA investigates the impact of personal data collection practices of mobile apps upon the general well-being of young children aged 6-10, by working closely with children, and their parents and educators.

Research Interests

  • Children's privacy mental model

  • Impact on children's digital well-being

  • Responsible age-appropriate design

Follow-up projects

KOALA is now continued in new online spaces:

  • Oxford CCAI (https://oxfordccai.org): Investigating the broader challenge related to designing age-appropriate AI systems for children, with KOALA being a sub-theme
  • Oxford Ethical Web and Data Architectures (https://ewada.ox.ac.uk): Designing and implementing new data governance architectures for better data autonomy and privacy, with support children and families being an essential application context

The KOALA project is funded by EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Award, under the grant number of EP/R511742/1 and Oxford University COVID Rebuilding Momentum Fund (February 2021-December 2022)