Safety by design to keep children safe online

We are proud to be part of the consultation team for the research report by @terredeshommes - Child safety by design against online sexual exploitation of children.

Children face increased risks of sexual exploitation while exploring the internet. They need stronger regulations & effective safety features. The report urges the EU to adopt better policies & legislation. The proposals are informed by a systematic review of literature, an international panel of 20 senior online safety experts, and focus group discussions with 141 children (aged 11 to 16) in 10 countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America. And it includes:

  • Five policy recommendations for the EU to incorporate child safety by design requirements for social media platforms in upcoming legislation
  • Five solutions for safety by design measures that industry should adopt to better serve child users, of which three were also suggested by children themselves.
  • Four additional solutions were developed by children themselves and aimed at the industry.

Download the full research report here.