KOALA Supports Safer Internet Day

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To celebrate #SaferInternetDay 2022, we prepared a short video to discuss less known online risks to children (YouTube link), including 1) data tracking risks, 2) attention management, 3) emotion management and 4) parental control.
 These are based on a suite of recent research from the KOALA team as well as our colleagues in Oxford. More specially, they are drawn from the following writing:
  • ‘I make up a silly name’: Understanding Children’s Perception of Privacy Risks Online [pdf], which talked about what data tracking risks and what children can and cannot recognise.
  • “I Just Want to Hack Myself to Not Get Distracted”: Evaluating Design Interventions for Self-Control on Facebook [pdf], which talks about how young people have found what works and what doesn't for self-control on FB.
  • Protection or punishment? relating the design space of parental control apps and perceptions about them to support parenting for online safety [pdf], which presents a review of 60 parental control apps and parents' and children's views about them. 
  • Money makes the world go around”: identifying barriers to better privacy in children’s apps from developers’ perspectives. [pdf], which presents our interview with app developers to identify what support is needed.
Happy safe and healthy week! 🥳